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Jim Witous

“The Wizard”: Coined “The Wizard” by Kevin McNeely (executive director of the Sonoma International Film Festival) for his expertise in Apple products, Jim has been the “Mac Guru” of Sonoma for 17 years, spreading his knowledge and enthusiasm across the valley. He was born when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, a.k.a when there were no computers, and graduated from Cal Poly in 78’… allegedly. He is the founder of cafeMac, and has been building his empire, slowly but surely, with the help of other Apple enthusiasts. He can be reached directly at 707-287-4651 or email Jim@cafemac.net.



Ben Kaufman

“Baby Daddy”: This Michael Bubl√© look-a-like (ladies, you know who I’m talking about) is a new father to daughter Luna Kaufman so he is working harder now than ever to pay those diaper bills! As a part of the original Wizard Alliance, Ben is cafeMac’s most loyal employee celebrating his four year anniversary this past February 1st. His other interests include advocating “Crossfit” and the “Paleo” diet, to which he is somewhat dedicated. Call him directly at 707-508-7280 or email Ben@cafemac.net.


75530_484969654893434_245347937_nJake “The Wiz Kid”:

Jake is a recent addition to the cafeMac Team. Luckily for us we gave him a chance, because he has proven his way as a motivated, spritely texpert. You may be skeptical at first by his youthfulness, but do not be mistaken, he is beyond his years in technical mastery. It has been his dream to work in the store since he was 10 years old (no not last year). His self-taught expertise began by helping people set up their apple computers and other hand-held devices and will continue to develop at cafeMac! Being home-schooled Jake has a flexible schedule to delegate his time between work, study, and ballroom dancing.